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Holy frickedy-frack! It's freezing outside! This makes walking around my campus more difficult. :P
  • Listening to: My melodious singing voice
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Drinking: Milk
At long last I am on my long awaited Christmas break! I am so tired now and I'm waiting for a whole 30+ days of nothing. Still waiting for it all to sink in for me at the moment. Now that I'm on break, you can bet your shorts I got artwork to upload soon. ;)
  • Reading: The Hobbit
I'm thinking of starting a comic strip series here on Deviantart... Thoughts?
  • Watching: Batman the Animated Series
Today I learned one of the most difficult things: Saying goodbye to someone you love. Now, I'm not going to spill out my private life willy nilly on the internet so don't expect me to go all drama queen and complain or anything. It'll probably be awhile until I put more stuff up seeing as how college is less than a week away but I'll try my best.
  • Watching: Batman the Animated Series
Went to my first con today. Not bad, if I say so myself. Went with one of the greatest people ever existed and won 2 hats :D
  • Reading: The Far Side
So I just saw the Avengers... For the second time in a row. XD Still a kick-ass film.
  • Reading: The Far Side
Yesterday was probably one of the best days of the summer so far. Got to drive around town with one of the greatest girls around, then used the rest of the day working on sketches that I plan to upload SOON. :D
Oh yeah, then I got growled at by a dog. :P
  • Reading: The Far Side
  • Watching: The Raven
Tomorrow is the last day of finals! That can only mean one thing... ALMOST SUMMER VACATION!! I am so exited! Can't wait to start submitting artwork... :)
  • Listening to: Rocky Theme
  • Drinking: Milk.
Ok, first day with the DeviantART account... so far so good. Today's been a good day so far. School finals next week, so chances say that I'll get to uploading artwork next Saturday. :)
BTW, feel free to send requests. There are a few exceptions though:
1) No nudity
2)No inappropriate material

I have a few ideas for artwork though.

Can't wait for summer. :3
  • Watching: Rifftrax Willy Wonka on youtube
  • Drinking: Bottled Water